Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rating System

OK, let's keep this very simple, how are we going to Rate these Restaurants? Well since this is a "bucket list" or what places do I have to go eat at before I die, we'll base our STAR system on that.

***** 5 Star - MUST HIT, Would plan a trip just to make sure I get here !

**** 4 Star - VERY GOOD, Not quite sure I'd travel 100 miles for it, but worth it

*** 3 Star - Good , If I'm in the neighborhood and near it, but wouldn't plan an entire trip around getting there.

** 2 Star - OK, come on now Food TV Dude, how much did they pay you? Not even close to what has been presented, probably going to skip and not waste the calories

* 1 Star - YOUR JOKING RIGHT? What is the point, not gonna happen should probably be deleted from list, but want to make sure everyone knows not to make a trip to this place.

Seem simple enough? Offer suggestions if this doesn't work.
You will notice that the ratings are going to be in the BLOG but also same ratings will be on the MAP as well.

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