Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Florida - South Florida / Miami

Geographically this will be from the Vero Beach area SOUTH down to Miami.

Remember - if it is not on our list already ---- CONVINCE US TO add it !


  1. Puerto Sagua Restaurant - South Beach Miami
    ***** 5 Star all the way. A must visit for authentic cuban cooking. Don't let the looks of this old world cafeteria fool you, it is fantastic.

  2. Havana Hideout - Lake Worth, Florida
    I just wasn't feeling it. Having visited a number of the Diners, Drive In's & Dives locations, one thing I have consistently found, if they are all that, they are crowded. Now I went by this place mid week around 7 pm and it was scary. No one in there at all, just the bartender and 1 other. I need some input here from locals who go there alot or can honestly tell me why there was NOBODY in this place. If Guy goes and its' good, the place is HOPPING forever. Come on help me out, cuz right now I'm hitting it with ** 2 Stars.