Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting Started / What's the Point

Well if your like me, you watch the Food Network and Travel Channel endlessly to find the newest / best places to eat that you might never know about or find. You may just stay local, or when your traveling the country you want to hit that new spot in a town you don't know. Or maybe even, you are looking for that roadtrip just to find that great stretch of road or specifically to find that great place to eat that you saw on TV.

In beginning that adventure, I've found that just because the immortal "Guy Fieri" or "Adam whats his name" says its' a great place, it just may not be. So that is why I've started this blog for me and all the rest of you to voice our opinions and give an every day person's view of these food lover's stops.

So join me in the journey. As I try one of these places I'll post my review. As you do the same, let us all know. I'm hoping that together we can lead each other down the path to the Holy Grail of eating.... so let's get it rolling

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