Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Central California

Geographic location is basically going to be off the 5 Freeway running up the state and East. We'll also define it as being NORTH of the Grapevine (for those of us who live here). For anyone else, basically you can factor Bakersfield and UP the Central portion of the state.

Remember - if it is not on our list already ---- CONVINCE US TO add it !


  1. Jamie's Grill and Bar - Sacramento, CA
    *** 3 Star ------ DDD Bust, come on Guy !!!
    Went out of my way on a business trip to go to this place. On the show they had this KILLER Steak sandwich that I just had to have. OK, so I'm not stupid, I totally get that when they serve Guy his meal on the show, they are totally going to nail it, but come on. The Steak sandwich I had was very good, don't get me wrong, but it was 1/2 the size they had on the show. Very dissapointed. Overall, if I'm in the neighborhood (which is brutally hard to find if your from out of town) and remember, there is basically no sign out front telling you what it is, then go ahead. This is a local bar basically. Now, maybe the Dinner menu is better, but from the Steak Sandwich presented on the show to what was on my plate, don't make a special trip to the Sacto area just for this joint.

  2. Jacko's Steak House - Nipomo, CA

    Another fav recommendation from Mickey V. Get's very good reviews for the Steaks, but always a wait (in Nipomo are you friggin kidding me), guess everybody traveling down the 101 Hits this joint. Reviewers say it is worth the wait, just head to the bar and have a cocktail.